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Welcome to the Pennsylvania Food Stamps! We are a privately-owned website that helps Pennsylvania residents access the information and resources they need on the Pennsylvania Food Stamps Program.

We help individuals and households successfully apply for Pennsylvania food stamps, determine their eligibility, access their PA SNAP benefits, check their PA EBT Card balance, renew their food stamp benefits, contact PA SNAP Customer Service, and much more!

Pennsylvania Food Stamps is not affiliated with the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) Food and Nutrition Service or the Pennsylvania Department of Human Services (PA DHS).

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About Pennsylvania Food Stamps

Pennsylvania Food Stamps is a free online resource that helps individuals learn and access help related to the PA Food Stamps Program. The Pennsylvania Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (PA SNAP), also referred to as food stamps, provides low-income Pennsylvania households with monthly benefits to purchase food items needed to maintain and promote good health.

Our website covers the following topics related to the Pennsylvania SNAP Program:

  • How to Apply for Pennsylvania Food Stamps
  • Determine Eligibility for PA SNAP benefits
  • Pennsylvania Food Stamps Income Limit
  • Check your PA EBT Card Balance
  • How to Renew Pennsylvania Food Stamp benefits
  • Create an PA EBT ACCESS Online Account
  • PA MyCompass Online Account Login
  • PA SNAP Work Requirements
  • Pennsylvania Senior SNAP
  • PA Emergency Allotment (EA) – Extra Food Stamp benefits
  • Pennsylvania P-EBT Benefits

In addition, we also cover other benefits that are important to Food Assistance, including Medicaid, Temporary Cash Assistance (TANF), LIHEAP, Social Security and more.

To help you better navigate our website, we encourage you to use the search box tool located on the sidebar of our website. This will help you quickly locate the information you are looking for.

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