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Does Pennsylvania Food Stamps collect information about me?

Yes, Pennsylvania Food Stamps collects some visitor data via cookies. The information we collect helps us understand the interests of users and improve our website to optimize your experience on our website.

Cookies are primarily used to help us display ads that are relevant to you, such as a discount on your favorite brand of running shoes or a charity you may like to support.

Cookies do not store any personal information, nor can they introduce a virus to your computer. This is unlike spyware, which sends information about your browsing history across the internet to a third party. Pennsylvania Food Stamps does not use or condone the use of spyware.

Pennsylvania Food Stamps does not sell, give, or trade the statistics we store to any third parties for the purposes of data mining, marketing, or any other reason.

We do not use browser popups, including push notifications.

Most browsers allow you to accept and/or delete cookies.

How do I block cookies?

Please note that blocking cookies may have a negative impact on the functions of a website. Some features may cease to be available. Depending on the browser you use, you can set your preferences to block/refuse cookies and/or notify you before they are used. Here’s how to block cookies on each of the most common browsers:

Internet Explorer

What does Pennsylvania Food Stamps do with the information I volunteer?

When you interact with the site by either a contact page or a comment, you must provide your name and email address. Names and email addresses are not publicly displayed unless you’re leaving a comment — and then, only your name is displayed. You will be made aware of this before submitting your comment.

Pennsylvania Food Stamps does not sell, give, or trade the statistics we receive to any third parties for the purposes of data mining, marketing, or any other reason.

How often is this Privacy Policy updated?

We update this policy about every quarter. By using our site, you consent to our current policy.

How can I contact Pennsylvania Food Stamps with questions/comments/concerns about my privacy?

We take your privacy very seriously. Please send us a message through our Contact Us page or send mail to:

New Rhino LLC
8370 Court Avenue, 1B
Ellicott City, MD 21043

Updated 3/32/22
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