How to Create Pennsylvania EBT Account Online

If you are currently receiving Food Stamps (SNAP) or Family Assistance (TANF) in the State of Pennsylvania, and have an EBT Card, you need a ConnectEBT PA online account to manage your PA EBT benefits. In this article, we will walk you through the step-by-step process of how to create Pennsylvania EBT account online

If you already have an account and need help logging in, see our login help article here.

The ConnectEBT PA online portal is used to manage EBT benefit assistance programs.

In this post, we will describe what the ConnectEBT PA online account is about and explain the benefits of creating an account, including what you can do with your online account.

Next, we will walk you through the step-by-step process of creating a ConnectEBT PA account.

Lastly, we will provide answers to the most frequently asked questions about PA Food Stamps.

"Create Pennsylvania EBT Account Online"

In this article, we will cover:

  • Benefits of ConnectEBT PA Website
  • How to Create Pennsylvania EBT Account
  • Pennsylvania Food Stamps Frequently Asked Questions

For help creating your Pennsylvania EBT Account, continue reading and follow our guide below.

Benefits of ConnectEBT PA Website

ConnectEBT is an online portal that offers you direct access to your EBT card account.  Twenty-five (25) states, including the state of Pennsylvania use the ConnectEBT system to manage benefits programs, including Food stamps (SNAP), Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF), Cash Assistance, and Women, Infants and Children (WIC) program.

What can you do with a ConnectEBT account?

Once you receive your PA ACCESS EBT Card, you must first activate your card. Once activated, must create an online ConnectEBT account in order to:

  • View the balance on your EBT card
  • Review your EBT transaction history
  • Get helpful hints in managing your account.

How to Create Pennsylvania EBT Account

To create your PA EBT account, follow the steps we have outlined below:

Step 1 – Visit ConnectEBT PA Website

To start creating your Pennsylvania EBT account online, visit the ConnectEBT PA website at

Once you are on the homepage you will need to locate the “Create User Account” link, which is usually located at the left side of the site (see image below).

Click on the “Create User Account” button link to proceed with the process.

"PA ConnectEBT create account"

Step 2 – Enter Information Requested

Next, to create a new account, you must enter the following information for the primary EBT account holder, as shown below:

  • Social Security Number
  • Date of Birth
  • 19 digit EBT Card Number
  • A User ID of your choice
  • A Password of your choice

Your User ID must be at least 6 characters but no more than 8 characters long. You can use any combination of letters or numbers in the User ID.

Additionally, your password must be at least 6 characters but no more than 8 characters long. You can use any combination of letters or numbers in the password.

"PA ConnectEBT create account - 1"

Once you have entered the requested information, click on the “SUBMIT” button to complete the process of creating your EBT online account.

If you entered the correct information, you will see a confirmation page, which is your indication that you have successfully created a PA EBT online account.

Step 3 – Login to View your account

Next, you can login to view your PA EBT online account using the User ID and Password you provided to create your account.

To do so, visit the ConnectEBT PA website at

Once there, enter your User ID and Password in the space provided, then click the “LOGIN” button to complete the process.

"Login to PA ConnectEBT Account"

Congratulations, you have successfully completed the process to create Pennsylvania EBT Account Online.

If you need additional help, see the information below on how to contact the CONNECT EBT helpline.

PA EBT Card Helpline

If you need help with your EBT Card or online account, call the Pennsylvania EBT Card hotline at the number below:

Call the hotline:

( 1 – 8 8 8 – 3 2 8 – 7 3 6 6 )

The helpline is available 24 Hours a Day/7 Days a Week.

Pennsylvania EBT FAQs

Here are the most frequently asked Pennsylvania SNAP questions.

What Fast Food Places Take Pennsylvania EBT/Food Stamps/SNAP?

The Restaurant Meals Program (RMP) is a federal program that enables qualified elderly, disabled, and homeless food stamps recipients to buy food at authorized restaurants. Any state or county can enroll in the Restaurant Meals Program.

The purpose of the program is to help expand food access to those who do not have a place to store and cook food, who may not be able to prepare food or who don’t have access to a grocery store.

Not all states participate in the RMP.

Currently, the Restaurant Meal Program is running in the following states:

  • California
  • Arizona
  • Illinois
  • Maryland
  • Michigan
  • New York
  • Rhode Island

In the state of Pennsylvania, some restaurants accept Food Stamp benefits from some homeless, elderly, or disabled people in exchange for low-cost meals.

Contact your County Assistance Office for a list of these restaurants.

Can you shop with Pennsylvania EBT Card online for Delivery?

Yes. As of November 2021, you can use your Pennsylvania EBT card to make purchases online for pick-up and/or Delivery at the following grocery stores:

  • ALDI
  • Amazon
  • BJs Wholesale Club
  • Giant Company, LLC
  • Giant Eagle
  • Martin’s
  • Price Chopper Supermarkets
  • ShopRite
  • TheFreshGrocer
  • Tops Market
  • Walmart

Can I use my EBT card without a PIN?

No. Your EBT Card will not work without your PIN.

If you forget your PIN or want to change your PIN at any time, call the PA EBT Card Helpline number shown above.

You will be asked to provide certain information for security purposes.

You may also change your PIN at your PA County Assistance Office (CAO).

How to Create Pennsylvania EBT Account Online Summary

We hope this post on how to create Pennsylvania EBT account online was helpful.

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